SEER Live Q&A - Session 4

Mental Health and Wellness

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Mental Health & Wellness

Join the following 2020 SEER Presenters for a live Q & A about their research

Esther Ayers
A Systematic Review of Adventure Based Therapy in Community Based Mental Health Settings With a Focus on Latinx Youth
Chiara Borelli
Deepening the Inside: The Underlying Processes in Adventure Education and Therapy Programs
Becca Meier
Reclaiming Control in the Vertical Realm: A Phenomenological Study of Female Rock Climbers with Mental Illness
Tarkington Newman
The Intentional Practices of Adventure Therapy Facilitators
Andrew Florence

Trauma-informed adventure-based counseling: A promising approach for influencing developmental outcomes for youth

About SEER:

The Symposium on Experiential Education Research (SEER) provides an outlet and venue for researchers in the field of experiential education to present, share, dialogue, and further develop their research ideas each year at the AEE International Conference.

The first SEER took place at AEE's 2001 International Conference in Charleston, West Virginia. Fittingly, it was Dr. Alan Ewert of Indiana University who conceived of and led the effort to establish that first SEER. A widely published researcher and author in the field of adventure-based education, Dr. Ewert is also known for his distinguished career in academia, three decades as an Outward Bound instructor, as holder of the Patricia and Joel Meier Outdoor Leadership Chair, past editor of the Journal of Experiential Education, and as fellow and past president of the prestigious Academy of Leisure Sciences. In providing the leadership to launch SEER, Dr. Ewert was giving back to the field that he has helped develop throughout his academic and professional career. The symposium occurs concurrently with the International AEE Conference each year and involves the presentation of research papers from leading international scholars in the field of experiential education. Read abstracts from past years

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